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Back in Feburary, I left a comment on Walfas saying I’d make a desktop version of the Pet Tenshi game/flash/thing. Now I have finally finished it! (Hey, it’s only been 5 months, that’s not bad.)
Anyways, here it is:

Font Download:
Before you get the program, I recommend downloading and installing the font above. Without this font, some text may not display properly. (I didn’t want to distribute the font with the program because it’s a commercial font)

Program Download:
New Version Available:

Features Added/Removed from Original Walfas Version
– Some of the original achievements are changed to make them more possible
– An impossible new achievement is added
– Autorun on startup (probably useless)
– The rock now obeys the laws of physics when colliding with Tenshi’s head (more or less) so you can hit her sideways and get the rock to bounce up
– Didn’t add the ‘charge’ thing (I didn’t really understand how it worked anyways)
– You can’t change the rock’s sprite =(

There are still a few bugs and glitches here and there. Here are some that I’ve found:

– If tenshi is standing close to the wall and the rock is dropped in the gap between her and the wall, weird stuff happen. (I don’t think I’ll be fixing this..)
– Tenshi might walk into the wall (This should be an easy fix)
– Tenshi could get stuck at pushing the rock against the wall
– Tenshi might get stuck, period.
– Sometimes the combo display doesn’t disappear
– Autorun doesn’t work on Vista/Win7 because the program doesn’t have permission to edit the registry
– The achievement checkboxes look ugly on Vista/Win7
-Tenshi sometimes grabs the rock telekinetically ._. (Maybe I should call this a feature…)
There are probably a lot of other glitches, leave a comment if you find a new one… Actually, nvm, I don’t really want to fix them.

– Credits to KibyM and Thefre for their brilliant idea and the original flash game.
– Sprites are from the original flash by KirbyM (and thanks to flash decompilers lol)
– Thanks to programmer-in-training for his Per-Pixel Alpha Form
– Also thanks to the various online resources that I used, and google which helped me to find them.


Arrangement Title: U-espace
Album: A-WA-I-RO
Artist? Composer?: アカツキ (Akatsuki)
Original: [Tabula rasa ~ 空白少女] from Touhou 3.0 – Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

Yesterday I felt like learning a song to play on the piano, so I spent half a day listening to Touhou piano arrangements. At first I decided to try Voyage 1970, but that didn’t go too well D= (216bpm is impossible…). However, that somehow lead me to discovering kkcwkoh’s channel where I randomly clicked on this song. This song instantly caught my attention because I’ve always been a fan of mysterious-sounding music, and after listening to it many times, I decided to transcribe it. It’s a pretty easy song especially compared with other Touhou music, so I recommend piano novices like me to try it out.

PDF here:
mp3 here:

mp3 uploaded by kkcwkoh:

I made some inserts for pen modding for those penspinners out there that are also Touhou fans. The sizes are for RSVP, but you can probably crop it a bit to fit other pens. Sorry for the lack of color on some of them — I made them with my printer’s ink in mind.

Thanks to the creators of these images, and also for allowing me to find them easily.

And here they are: (Click for full size)

touhou insert 1

touhou insert 2

touhou insert 3

touhou insert 4

touhou insert 5

touhou insert 6