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Theme of Payon is one of my favourite songs in Ragnarok. It brings back such good memories of when I played RO with my friends (it’s not as nostalgic as theme of Prontera though, since I spent hours and hours vending in Prontera so that song is like, more familiar to me than the windows XP startup sound).

MintJam, one of my favourite bands, did an awesome piano arrangement for Theme of Payon in their 2004 Ragnarok Online Arrange album. Awesome band + nice song = perfect song.

Since this song is so good and is all in piano, I decided to transcribe it so I, as well as other people interested, would be able to play it on the piano.

And mp3

Original song:


This blog is like, almost dead…

To prevent it from dying, I’m gonna add a new songs to Typingmania, Rival by MintJam, and some time ago Shuvora also added Tsukihana from Jigoku Shoujo

New Songs:

Rival (short version) – MintJam
Tsukihana (TV size) – Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae