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Back in Feburary, I left a comment on Walfas saying I’d make a desktop version of the Pet Tenshi game/flash/thing. Now I have finally finished it! (Hey, it’s only been 5 months, that’s not bad.)
Anyways, here it is:

Font Download:
Before you get the program, I recommend downloading and installing the font above. Without this font, some text may not display properly. (I didn’t want to distribute the font with the program because it’s a commercial font)

Program Download:
New Version Available:

Features Added/Removed from Original Walfas Version
– Some of the original achievements are changed to make them more possible
– An impossible new achievement is added
– Autorun on startup (probably useless)
– The rock now obeys the laws of physics when colliding with Tenshi’s head (more or less) so you can hit her sideways and get the rock to bounce up
– Didn’t add the ‘charge’ thing (I didn’t really understand how it worked anyways)
– You can’t change the rock’s sprite =(

There are still a few bugs and glitches here and there. Here are some that I’ve found:

– If tenshi is standing close to the wall and the rock is dropped in the gap between her and the wall, weird stuff happen. (I don’t think I’ll be fixing this..)
– Tenshi might walk into the wall (This should be an easy fix)
– Tenshi could get stuck at pushing the rock against the wall
– Tenshi might get stuck, period.
– Sometimes the combo display doesn’t disappear
– Autorun doesn’t work on Vista/Win7 because the program doesn’t have permission to edit the registry
– The achievement checkboxes look ugly on Vista/Win7
-Tenshi sometimes grabs the rock telekinetically ._. (Maybe I should call this a feature…)
There are probably a lot of other glitches, leave a comment if you find a new one… Actually, nvm, I don’t really want to fix them.

– Credits to KibyM and Thefre for their brilliant idea and the original flash game.
– Sprites are from the original flash by KirbyM (and thanks to flash decompilers lol)
– Thanks to programmer-in-training for his Per-Pixel Alpha Form
– Also thanks to the various online resources that I used, and google which helped me to find them.


Here’s a game we made for our programming class.

It’s a puzzle game, the goal is to get the grid to match the goal grid with the transformations.

Nobody posted for quite a while ever since school started. Nothing new happened… Well, actually, a lot of new things happened, but they’re just not exciting enough to write about.

Well, aside from these unexciting new things. I hosted Typingmania, a typing game where it’s like karaoke, except you type the songs. With Shuvora’s help, we added some songs to it, mainly anime songs. << The one i hosted on 10x hosting << the one Shuvora hosted somewhere. (Sorry about the address that sounds like a porn site, blame Shuvora for that) << Game creator’s site (Japanese)

Songs on my version (and where they’re from):

English Songs:

For Fruits Basket (English) – Fruits Basket
Duvet – Serial Experiments Lain
1000 Words (English) – Final Fantasy X-2
Never Let You Go – by Janice Vidal
Why or Why Not – Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

Japanese Songs (lyrics file mostly made by Shuvora):

Hitomi no Kakera – Madlax
Hikari no Yuyue – El Cazador de la Bruja
Kopperia no Hitsugi – Noir
Dream Catcher – Jigoku Shoujo Live Action
Koi Se Yo Onnanoko – Gokujou Seitokai
Tears Infection – Myself; Yourself
Tsukihana – Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae
Rival – MintJam (my favourite band)
Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari – Bakemonogatari
Glossy: MMM – Saki

I have included English instructions at the bottom of the page (The game is Japanese, although you don’t need to know Japanese to play, even the Japanese songs).

Leave comment if you wish to see a song added. If I like the song and can find the lyrics, I’ll add it.