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Arrangement Title: U-espace
Album: A-WA-I-RO
Artist? Composer?: アカツキ (Akatsuki)
Original: [Tabula rasa ~ 空白少女] from Touhou 3.0 – Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

Yesterday I felt like learning a song to play on the piano, so I spent half a day listening to Touhou piano arrangements. At first I decided to try Voyage 1970, but that didn’t go too well D= (216bpm is impossible…). However, that somehow lead me to discovering kkcwkoh’s channel where I randomly clicked on this song. This song instantly caught my attention because I’ve always been a fan of mysterious-sounding music, and after listening to it many times, I decided to transcribe it. It’s a pretty easy song especially compared with other Touhou music, so I recommend piano novices like me to try it out.

PDF here:
mp3 here:

mp3 uploaded by kkcwkoh: