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Hi. I’m a lifeform, which takes on the life of my own. I do stuff such as draw, hate, and sit.

Actually, I hate to hate people..

I also use double dots a lot as a substitute for ‘?’s and ellipses. It’s not that I’m lazy, but it looks funnier or something..

I used to draw on MS Paint, but I’ve given up/retired from that. I might come back in 3 years like I did this year though..

Anywho, the title is supposed to be “Fandom”, and the reason for that is what follows below.

Every time I watch something badass that’s anime, I get crazy about it. However, the next time I watch something cool, I almost stop caring about what I liked before.

That being said, it seems I still like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Serial Experiments Lain. Right now, my craze is aimed towards Cardcaptor Sakura. Hopefully it’s something that will stick with me. This is actually a different case since I liked Cardcaptor Sakura ever since I watched the dub for it.

I even drew a picture of Lain rolf..

^This is the one I drew that took more time.

^This is the one I drew that took less time.

I like the Lain that took less time, even though it took me much longer to complete the one above.

This is what a non-fanart Lain looks like (Wow, massive picture of Lain. Oh well.).


I retired from paint to go onto Photoshop, and I’m thinking of drawing a super picture for CCS. So ye..