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So today my plans were to go watch this movie with a friend. Its produced by Pixar and Disney so I’d figure it would be a generic humourous/ family story with some morals to teach the kiddies. But must I say this may probably be one of the more abstract Disney/ Pixar movies. One positive thing that I would like to point out about this movie (though some of you may disagree) is the fact that there was very little dialogue in it. It is understandable since it is a story about robots but I thought that the fact Wall-e saying random noises in the beginning made the setting and plot more mysterious.

So the movie takes place in the year 2700 something like that and on Earth it is a complete garbage wasteland. The Earth has been completely unsustainable and no living things could be found on it. Humans (or something…) have mass produced robots in the year 2110 called the Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class). They did this because the earth has been completely covered in trash and humans ran out of space on the planet to hide it all under. These robots collected the trash and compacted the garbage into small squares and did it repetitively.

So yeah one day theres only 1 Wall-e’s left on Earth and he’s quite the lonely fellow. Making friends with a cockroach and collecting neat things that humans have thrown out was what hes been probably doing for 700 years. Suddenly, a gigantic white/cool spaceship landed on Earth and released a white “probe”.

Okay I shouldn’t be summarizing too much so I’ll just get to what i think about the movie.

So anyway, I think this movie sends out a not so obvious message to us viewers out there. The movie is saying that humans are lazy people! For our laziness the Earth will one day really be a total trash can and we will be forced to live in spaceships (LOL). And after we will all gain super amounts of weight and be unable to walk! Well… the way the humans in this movie were lazying around made it look fun but it eventually got gross.

Look at those guns...
This robot was pretty cool and well designed. The animators from Apple made this movie and I guess the whiteness of it shows that its their “signature”.

Opposites attract?
That’s Wall-e right there on the left. Okay yes it does look pretty shitty but aren’t the best love stories between 2 opposite people?

Hey Nubson here and I would like to host a Starcraft tournament sometime next week when we all aren’t busy.

Anyone is welcomed to participate but please do indicate who you are and I will expect you in our list. Then, I will arrange a good time for us to all play.

Max participants will be like…. 7 people. It will be a FFA game. Unless all of us veto it and want to play something else.

Also, we require you to have Hamachi version so we can all play in LAN. This is for players who do not have a valid CD key and this just makes their live’s a bit easier 🙂

Here is a link:

Oh and please do comment other things and refresh the page a few times 😉