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Download (1.13):
New Version Available:
Old DL:

For those who didn’t read the post a few days ago: you also need to install the font here.
Also, you might need the .NET Framework (x86) or (x64) to run this

You can right click Tenshi for a menu of options

Update Log:
Version 1.10:
– Tenshi levels up from being hit now! (I don’t know how that makes sense, but I know we all love watching a colored bar fill up!)
– Leveling up increases the strength she throws the rock with
– Interface is now more colorful
– Save files are encrypted to discourage cheating
– New achievement: Ping-pong (this one’s possible, I even did it a few times myself)

Version 1.11:
– Progress is automatically saved every minute to prevent progress loss from unexpected exits
– Tenshi is more.. jelly-like? idk if this makes it better, but I think it looks funnier this way.
– Fixed most collision glitches
– Removed the “telekinetic grab” “feature”
– Fixed tenshi going off screen
– Reduced exp required to level up
– Increased the amount of influence tenshi’s level has on the throwing strength’

Version 1.12:
– Fixed the error that some people encountered when opening the Stats window.

Version 1.13:
– “No Way That’s Impossible” is more possible now.

Back in Feburary, I left a comment on Walfas saying I’d make a desktop version of the Pet Tenshi game/flash/thing. Now I have finally finished it! (Hey, it’s only been 5 months, that’s not bad.)
Anyways, here it is:

Font Download:
Before you get the program, I recommend downloading and installing the font above. Without this font, some text may not display properly. (I didn’t want to distribute the font with the program because it’s a commercial font)

Program Download:
New Version Available:

Features Added/Removed from Original Walfas Version
– Some of the original achievements are changed to make them more possible
– An impossible new achievement is added
– Autorun on startup (probably useless)
– The rock now obeys the laws of physics when colliding with Tenshi’s head (more or less) so you can hit her sideways and get the rock to bounce up
– Didn’t add the ‘charge’ thing (I didn’t really understand how it worked anyways)
– You can’t change the rock’s sprite =(

There are still a few bugs and glitches here and there. Here are some that I’ve found:

– If tenshi is standing close to the wall and the rock is dropped in the gap between her and the wall, weird stuff happen. (I don’t think I’ll be fixing this..)
– Tenshi might walk into the wall (This should be an easy fix)
– Tenshi could get stuck at pushing the rock against the wall
– Tenshi might get stuck, period.
– Sometimes the combo display doesn’t disappear
– Autorun doesn’t work on Vista/Win7 because the program doesn’t have permission to edit the registry
– The achievement checkboxes look ugly on Vista/Win7
-Tenshi sometimes grabs the rock telekinetically ._. (Maybe I should call this a feature…)
There are probably a lot of other glitches, leave a comment if you find a new one… Actually, nvm, I don’t really want to fix them.

– Credits to KibyM and Thefre for their brilliant idea and the original flash game.
– Sprites are from the original flash by KirbyM (and thanks to flash decompilers lol)
– Thanks to programmer-in-training for his Per-Pixel Alpha Form
– Also thanks to the various online resources that I used, and google which helped me to find them.

Fixed some things on Clicky:
-Fixed inaccurate interval (it’s still around 10~30ms off right now though)
-Fixed preference saving



Recently I was playing some browser-based game, which required a lot of clicking on almost the same spot. So I decided to fight wrist diseases by making an autoclicker to lessen the stress on my hands.

I actually made the autoclicker a while back, probably when I was playing some other game where clicking became too boring. But yesterday I decided to make something useful for once and share it with people, so I gave Clicky an interface (kinda) and made it more user friendly (hopefully), and uploaded it for people to use.

Download Clicky:

For those of you that are interested, I used Purebasic to program this. If you use Purebasic and are interested I can upload the source code too.

Leave suggestions on features that I can add or bugs that I can fix. I would appreciate it, probably.

Here’s a game we made for our programming class.

It’s a puzzle game, the goal is to get the grid to match the goal grid with the transformations.