We haven’t updated Fobcraft for like, half a year, so it was pretty much dead. Typingmania was down because of x10hosting’s policy of suspending accounts if they’re not accessed for 2 weeks…

However, I’ve been working on a game programmed in Java. It’s a defense game based on the Korean mmorpg Ragnarok Online, and inspired by Twilight Frontier’s Patchcon. I’ve actually been working on this project since two years ago, in the process taking months-long breaks and never got much done. But I’ve decided to finish soon. In fact, it’s already playable, just that there are many bugs to fix and things to add. The sprites and effects are made by Shuvora, and he’s lazy so a lot of stuff are missing sprites which I used an Alice sprite from Patchcon.

I uploaded the game on http://fobcraft.uuuq.com/rts/ Take a look if you’re interested (it’s an Applet, runs in your browser).

So I decided to resurrect Fobcraft as a place to keep track of my progress on the game.

In other news, Shuvora uploaded Typingmania on a new host:

I know, the address sounds pretty inappropriate, I laughed at it when he first told me… Please give him a lesson on how to make normal-sounding domain names…