Online summer course started! More sitting in front of my computer, yay.

Guess I didn’t mention that I took a law course online this summer, along with shuvora. Just yesterday, we went to an orientation teaching us how to do the course online, such as how to use their website and stuff.

Basically, our teacher posts the lessons and stuff on this website, we log into the website, read the boring stuff and answer questions. There’s also a discussion board where we discuss about stupid issues and stuff. You won’t believe it, but it’s actually fun reading what people write on the discussion board. There’s these two kids in my class that are very… passionate… about our course, and after a while, they started typing out page long essays on the discussion board about the Canadian justice system, with citations and all that (except some of the citations are actually wrong…). After a while, they started bringing on the internet slangs… I’ll look forward to seeing how things turn out later.

There’s also stuff like live chat with a drawing board that lags like crazy, and calculators on the front page. I was surprised that they put Wikipedia as a part of student resources, since teachers usually seem like they’re afraid that Wikipedia will take away their job, so they accused Wikipedia as a “not trusted” source of information.

An excerpt of our lesson 2 activity:

You and your friends set out exploring, became lost, and did not hear the train return. It pulled out without you. Your group decided to wait for the next day’s train by sheltering under the picnic tables. During the night a terrible storm occurred, washing out the trestle, and causing an enormous rock slide, blocking off the entire north end of the canyon. You are wet, cold, hungry, and entrapped. See what happens when you skip school?

“See what happens when you skip school?” – I lol’d at that.