Earlier today, I decided with Nubson to make a blog to post stuff on. The blog was subsequently named FobCraft, the reason being that “fobcraft” yielded 0 results on google and we were surprised by that fact. Just now, I am writing the first post of this blog because the blog is currently empty.

Then someone messaged me on MSN…

…And so, I forgot what else I was going to write because this friend asks me what I’d do if there’s a zombie apocalypse. I said that if I had 100 sneak level, then I can just stand there in sneak mode and the zombies won’t see me, except there isn’t a CTRL button to press in real life. So we planned that we’ll camp in a mall, and pick off the zombies from the roof, since zombies suck at opening doors….

Nubson and I will both post entries in this blog, and we’re having a match to see whose posts will get more views. However, I’m sure he’s going to cheat and keep refreshing his pages. Oh well, we’ll see.

Oh, and Shuvora also joined this blog after I told him about it. He’ll be posting as well.